Erection Gels, Creams and Oils - Top Product Reviews

Hi man! Suffering of an erectile condition? Surely, you've heard about many male enhancement products in the market that can treat impotence or erectile dysfunction. Some of them are really interesting ones, and we can refer to erection creams or oils as being among the most popular related items.

Male enhancement items in forms of creams and oils are ideal for men who suffer only from light erectile dysfunction symptoms, those who only seldom suffer from this condition. These products work ideally for men who want fast results due to their fast action and incredible results; actually, some of these precious substances can help you get a hard and solid erection within just 40 seconds after application, providing you with an erection that can last for up to 2 hours or even longer.

These topical oils and creams are formulated from herbs, nutrients, amino acids and other natural ingredients. They can make you get a stronger erection, while experiencing an increased sexual fulfilment and enhanced sensation. These products can give you an instantaneous hard erection, which not only looks and feels great but can efficiently satisfy your lover.

World's Top Oil, Gel and Cream male enhancements:

The man who is in the search of a male enhancement cream, gel or oil, needs to do a lot of research to make sure that he will find the right topical aid, the one that really works and not one that will simply dry him out of his money. To help you choose the product that best suits you, I have done each and every research aspect of the topic for you, yes my friend, I have just taken the time to conduct a thorough research on the most effective and reliable products available on the market today (of course I have tried myself some of them, and even kept using the topicals for a while).

#1 ProSolution Gel

If you want to be capable of getting ready for the action, really fast and powerful, ProSolution Gel can give you an instant erection only 40-60 seconds after applying it...

My first choice then is ProSolution Gel. Why? In addition to instant erection, you are getting more intensive sensations, a promise of great exquisite sex as never experienced before, and believe me, it really delivers. Another true invaluable feature, ProSolution Gel actually grants men a better control over the time of ejaculation, making it, definitely, the best choice for most men... we would say: It is for guys who would like more than simply some additional bloodstream in their penile area...

What the Manufacturer Claims?

What can Prosolution Gel do for you?

  • Increase your nitric oxide levels for an INSTANT boost
  • Give you an instant full erection
  • Improve the size and hardness of your erections
  • Increase your overall sexual desire
  • You will be able to maintain rock-hard erections for longer sessions
  • Intensify your sensitivity, orgasms and male satisfaction

This potent male enhancement in a form of a gel is very simple to use, as simple as 1,2,3:

Step #1
Apply the gel to the shaft of your penis
Step #2
Massage gently (or have your partner do it)
Step #3
Feel the effects kicking in -> IMMEDIATELY

ProSolution gel is the most reliable and price worth male enhancement and number one product, in a form of a gel, sold online. It works efficiently to getting you to achieve and maintain an erection by simply massaging and rubbing the gel into the skin of the penis. The main advantage is a fast perception of its action inside your male organ (less than 1 minute), easy to use and no side effects at all, completely safe. Just a couple of quick strokes with ProSolution Gel and you're good to go.

I bought the ProSolution Gel and this is what I think about it...

While purchasing a product like this, my biggest concern was that there would be a greasy residue when I apply it and I can happily say that this gel doesn't leave penis covered in weird texture. About half a minute after using, I realized that I was getting hard and I suddenly became much more aroused than I usually do. What I did sense was a mixture of pleasure and warmth, since this erection gel contains menthol. During sex, I lasted longer than I usually do and, to my surprise, I stayed both aroused and hard! It's all thanks to this great product, ProSolution Gel! It's very convenient to have something like this since it works so quickly and doesn't mess up the way condom works! It actually helps it, in my opinion! Feels much better than usual. Gel increased my sensitivity, positively, and the condom did the opposite, so it was a perfect amount of sensitivity! I could go longer than I did. What's also important is that it is non-toxic and that there is no problem with practicing oral sex. As I have previously claimed, there is no residue and no taste if you are also worried about that! My partner didn't notice the difference in smell or taste. What she did notice was the fact that I was hard the whole time and she was pretty pleased with it.


Do I recommend this product? Is ProSolution Gel worth your money? In all honesty, yes! I am suggesting this to everyone having similar problems. It works quickly and your erections will be harder than ever, all thanks to ProSolution Gel. Improving your game is something that you always want to work on!

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#2 MaxODerm Cream

MaxODerm is a topical cream formulated specifically to make your erections much harder than usual, with the ability to making your erections last for as long as you may want them to. MaxODerm works by helping to relax the tissues in the corpus cavernosus, thereby increasing blood flow toward every tissue of the penis. This male enhancement formula works fast, improving erection quality and firmness, while providing you unbelievably exhilarating sensation.

Maxoderm - Main Benefits

  • Stronger, harder and more rigid erections
  • More confidence
  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • It is very simple to use
  • Decade of proven quality

MaxODerm penis erection cream is undoubtedly a great means for improving both aspects: Sexual Stamina and Erection Quality. This product has been tested in millions of men around the world, with its powerful and unique, clinically-tested, skin soothing ingredient called Calmosensine. While good for all skin types, this ingredient is especially suitable for stressed, sensitive or irritated skin.

The only "disadvantage" would be its price, which is higher than the competition, nonetheless, without caring too much about the economic aspect, this is definitely (as far as I am concerned) the second choice, right after ProSolution Gel...

My experience while using the Maxoderm cream

The first time I rubbed the product on, I was devastated since I felt nothing right away, but 30 seconds after, I realized what the sensation is all about: warmth and tingles. My partner wasn't nearby, so I decided to stimulate myself with some pornographic content. I have to say that I didn't make it to the movie itself, since my penis became extremely hard from only seeing the thumbnails and pictures. I felt it growing hard and bigger and immediately regretted the fact that my partner isn't here. I wanted her to feel the charm of Maxoderm cream too. The next time, she took the cream and put it on my penis herself. This time the erection was much more extreme. There was a massive difference between a handjob with Maxoderm and a regular one. Do I even have to say that she was thrilled with the results? We tried it with a condom too, and I have to say that the sensation of pleasure (while wearing a condom, bear in mind) was much harder than usual.

The Conclusion

The Maxoderm cream will really provide you with a quick and a very hard erection and an extraordinary type of arousal that you will rarely feel on your own. With some extra stimulation: pornographic content, your partner or imagination; it will feel even better. Although I usually prefer gels and oils, this product is excellent. The Maxoderm cream is worth your money and I recommend it.

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#3 Vigrx Oil

Now, what about oil? Let me introduce to you VigRX Oil, a male enhancement product that, yes, comes in the form of an oil. This is a liquid formula that contains ingredients scientifically demonstrated to penetrate deeply into the skin for efficiently boosting the physiological process of creating and maintaining stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections. It is absorbed quickly right through the skin into the tissues of the penis and consequently, the results come almost immediately. Honestly VigRX Oil is just as good as the other two previous gel and cream. The only significant difference is that VigRX comes in a form of an oil...

VigRX Oil manufacturer claims that it can:

  • almost immediately give you a firmer, larger lasting erections
  • enlarge the penile tissues
  • increase sexual libido
  • improve penile blood circulation
  • and even treat premature ejaculation!

My thoughts about Vigrx Oil

I have bought this oil to help me with arousal. The manufacturers claim that a minute is enough to gain erection from this oil, and they are very right! The warmth of a pleasant feeling happening around my crotch is a sensation itself, and after a bit more than a minute, you are all ready to put protection on. The oil provides a slippery feeling which causes much sensation and arouses me. It is also said that this oil will help you grow in size, but I have not been using it for a long time (4 weeks only) and can't say I grew in girth or length. However, my penis is very satisfied and my partner too. I enjoy intercourse more now, and so does my partner! She says that she also feels more sensitive from it. One more thing, for those who usually practice anal sex, you don't need lube! The Vigrx Oil also acts as a lubricant.

My Conclusion...

If you have been searching for a product that will help you with pleasure, improving sex and getting hard, Vigrx Oil is a natural solution that will surely help. If you do a bit of research, you will see that many men around the world have used it since it has been pretty popular.

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My final verdict

So that's it, the best research on the related male enhancement aids topic done so far, I want to invite you to try them accordingly to your requirements (the fastest results!), needs (ejaculation control?) and preferences (feeling on the skin), some men may find the gel better than the cream or the oil, other men might prefer the cream over the gel or oil, actually I can tell you also as a part of my research, that a gel substance has better absorption quality than the other forms, it has been clinically demonstrated that gels are more quickly absorbed by the skin, but it will always depend on how you feel a product finally. So there you have it, now you're ready to go, so come on take action!